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Real-time Access Management for Construction Sites

Technologies used in the project

I helped to create an access control system for construction sites. Our team consisted of a cloud engineer / devOps engineer, a backend developer and an IoT developer. The team was also responsible for designing the on-site hardware and network configuration, and how to connect RFID readers to the turnstiles and to connect the whole system to the already existing worker database.

My role was to design and build the real-time dashboard for the security guards, who monitor the gates. Also to connect the whole UI to the backend using REST API and Websocket.

I was also responsible for creating the initial wireframes for the UI.


  • UI design (wireframing and in-browser design)
  • Building the frontend single-page application using Vite, Vue.js, Pinia and Vue Router, Ant Design Vue
  • Implement UI for all the IAM features (login, registration, forgot password flow)
  • Implement websocket connection to monitor in real-time who is accessing the site