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The Case Bedechka Documentary Website

Technologies used in the project

The Case Bedechka is an independent documentary about the destruction and conservation of urban green-spaces.

I've acted as a one-man-army, creating the web presence of the documentary. From UI design through server-setup and deployment I basically did everything, leveraging the full range of my capabilities and learning a lot on the way.


  • UI Design: Apart from the illustrations and logo all the website's UI was designed by me, using mostly vanilla (S)CSS
  • Created a dynamic, database driven website, with most of the content editable from a custom made admin interface, using Symfony and Doctrine
  • Created interactive maps, with Leaflet.js and later extended it using react-leaflet
  • Used Symfony Encore to add modern frontend stack (TypeScript, SCSS, React) to a page-by-page server-rendered application
  • Created a performant frontend using various optimization techniques (consistent +90% Lighthouse scores)
  • Configured hosting environment and setup CI/CD pipeline using Github Actions
  • Created a portable dev environment using Docker