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Full-stack Developer for Health-tech Provider

Technologies used in the project

  • CSS3CSS3 offers scheduling video-consultations and e-prescriptions in Germany.

During my time there I had three main projects:

Improving performance on the client-facing website. The marketing team reported low performance for certain landing pages due to poor WebVital scores. My task was to investigate and improve Time To First Paint, Largest Contenful Paint, Cumulative Layout Shift and other issues on some highly dynamic (ie. all content was editable and blocks could have a large variety) page-types.

Helping to rebuild the customer facing website from a PHP-based page-by-page application to Next.js using as the CMS. As a part of this effort I was mainly tasked with reimplementing UI components in React + TypeScript. This task also included writting end-to-end tests in Cypress and making sure that components are accessible.

My other big project was to build a new checkout funnel for a new product category. The funnel was built in a separate monorepo using TypeScript + React and was to be installed as a package into the existing application. During this task I've learned a lot about NPM publishing process and the toolchain related to modern Javascript apps (Babel, Webpack).


  • Building new checkout funnel using React + TypeScript
  • Building reusable frontend components with React + TypeScript
  • Contributing to internal UI library
  • Improving SEO and Core Web Vitals
  • Mentoring junior developers
  • Participate in architectural discussions, mainly around end-to-end testing and accessibility