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Full-stack developer for Baking and E-Commerce website

Technologies used in the project

  • CSS3CSS3 was Dr Oetker's digital recipe-book and community site. The project was an internal start-up within the Oetker Group so we had lot of room of experimentation with different business models and ideas, which meant continuous product iteration and development.


  • I've built a REST API connecting the website's monolithic CMS with the native iOS and Android applications. During this project I've learned a lot about APIs and mobile clients while adding a huge value for the business side.
  • Implement re-design for the website
  • Create proof-of-concept for a decoupled frontend using Nuxt.js
  • Work on internal UI library for decoupled frontend
  • Continuous implementation of custom Google Analytics measurements
  • Customizing Magento template for online-shop