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Tracking Corruption Around EU Agricultural Funds in Hungary

Technologies used in the project

  • JavaScriptJavaScript

Helping Hungary's leading anti-corruption NGO to create a search application and blog for analyzing the flow of EU agricultural funds in Hungary.

I've worked within a team of four (backend developer, designer and project manager and myself) to create the WordPress site and the search application that can be embedded as a widget.

I was also involved in some architectural discussions, affecting the choice of technologies used.


  • Create a portable dev environment for the custom WordPress theme with Docker
  • Implement a custom, light-weight WordPress theme, using the least amount of plugins and third-party code
  • Lot of in-browser design since some details weren't worked out (especially in terms of responsivity) and our designer had limited availability
  • Build the UI for the search-application (our backend developer built a basic HTML-only prototype with Alpine.js on which I had to add some design and UI-logic)
  • Implement a custom PHP API-client inside the WordPress team to get some articles directly from a third-party website and display them on of the pages of WordPress